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New look Channel 5 from Thursday

Channel 5 goes live with its long-awaited new look on Thursday.

The new look, part of the first major revamp of the channel under new owners Viacom, will go live at 9am, and also affects its sister channels, including 5*, now officially called 5STAR.

Catch up service Demand 5 becomes My5. Spike, which only launched in the UK last year keeps its current logo.

The new Channel 5 logo was leaked out across the internet two weeks ago thanks to platform operators updating their Electronic Programme Guide logos prematurely. First Virgin Media's TiVO briefly displayed the new logo, then BT uploaded the new 5STAR logo on to its TV service.

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  1. Does this update mean we're stuck with these channel logos on our TV screens? If so, I'd prefer 5* and 5US and 5S instead. Channel logos and channel interruptions ruin most of our TV shows already. I'd prefer an end to such gimmicks when the i for info display tells us the channel name anyway. Screen notices happen at the last important scene of a TV show and destroy the show as quickly as that. They even ruin the theme song or music and sabotage the cast list as well. How rude!

    1. You are arguing over something that is now nearly 20 years old ! I prefer to know what channel i am watching. It does not spoil my enjoyment . If you cant handle the logos go back to the time when we had two channels. You may cope better in that world

    2. Unless you're subscribing to a premium on-demand service, the on-screen 'clutter' and interruptions are going nowhere. I have to say the C5+24 on-screen logo (the so-called DOG) is a bit oversized in its current form.

    3. I agree with the original poster, the on screen clutter and DOGs are very annoying. And they're not 20 years old to me, I went from analogue to digital terrestrial and the DOGs only appeared on digital. That's not 20 years old.

    4. And the particular stupidity is the DOGs only appeared when I moved to a platform (Freeview) where there is a button to tell me what channel I'm on. Back when I couldn't find out for sure (analogue terrestrial) there were no DOGs. Talk about backwards...

    5. Channel 5 had a DOG on analogue terrestrial when it launched (1 1/2 years before digital terrestrial TV existed). It was a square box containing the numeral 5 inside a circle.

    6. Oh goody, a new logo for Channel 5 which is as much pile of cack as they have now. What's the betting it continues to be full of Benefits programmes and reality guff like Big Brother, which anyone sane ditched from their viewing schedules many years ago.

      And Will, why do you need to be told what channel you're watching? You'll know because you selected it. Or have you got a short atten... oh, he's gone.


  2. 5 wants in on the game. It's better then BBC's new ll! logo!

  3. They need to go HD on Freesat and freeview no bs from them

  4. HAHAHA OMG it looks even worse onscreen than i thought possible!

    And, not that i have a problem with a channel logo onscreen, why have 5 moved them so far in from the edge of the screen where they were well placed?
    And why is the C5HD logo even further in from the screens edge?

  5. it's like they looked at the original channel 4 logo, told a 5 year old about it and asked them to recreate it as a 5 instead.

  6. I seriously hope Channel 5 HD replaced 105 when that BBC Crap goes.


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