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New DAB station tests now live

Trade test transmissions for the new Sound Digital D2 digital radio multiplex have gone live.

Ahead of the official arrival of the first stations at the end of the month, placeholders for most stations have now appeared, giving listeners a chance to get ready for the new stations and be prepared for the transfer of existing stations to the multiplex.

The multiplex signals reach around 3/4 of UK households on VHF Block 11A. A retune is required to receive the new service, labelled 'SDL National'.

At midnight, the existing Sound Waves DAB test was replaced with three streams: Sound Waves 1-3, which are holding capacity for TalkSPORT2, TalkRADIO and Virgin Radio, which launch later during March.

Elsewhere on the multiplex, tests from other stations appeared at 0:01. Fun Kids launched its DAB+ test for listeners with newer digital radios with a roar - courtesy of Katy Perry's hit.

Listeners who have retuned their DAB sets may notice two versions of stations including Absolute 80s and Planet Rock, which are moving to D2 from their current space in the 29th. In some areas, Kisstory and Heat Radio can be found twice in the DAB station list: these are moving from local DAB multiplexes to D2.

Sound Digital stations
Updated 19/02/2016
  • Absolute 80s (80kbps)
  • Awesome Radio (64kbps)
  • Fun Kids UK (32kbps DAB+ stereo*)
  • heat radio (80kbps)
  • Jazz FM Stereo (32kbps DAB+ stereo*)
  • KISSTORY  (80kbps)
  • Magic Chilled (32kbps DAB+ stereo*)
  • Mellow Magic (80kbps)
  • Panjab Radio 1 (56kbps)
  • Planet Rock (80kbps)
  • Premier New (64kbps)
  • Premier Praise  (64kbps)
  • Share Radio UK (64kbps)
  • TalkRADIO was Sound Waves 1 (64kbps)
  • TalkSPORT2 was Sound Waves 2 (64kbps)
  • Virgin Radio was Sound Waves 3 (80kbps) 
  • Sunrise National (64kbps)
  • UCB2 Nationwide  (64kbps) 

* stereo if device supports HE-AACv2, otherwise mono

Can you get these stations?
Go to to check DAB digital radio coverage in your locality.


  1. Yet more low bitrate momo rubbish.

  2. Great to be hearing the DAB+ services in Stereo. Shame the new D2 mux is so over crowded. A few more should have launched on the '+' side of the multiplex.

  3. I cannot pick these up on my Pure Evoke 3 radio, yet my Arcam Solo can?

    1. For your Pure it would be worth checking to see if you need an upgrade:

    2. Thanks for that, but it appears I already have the latest update and its still not showing any of these new stations. Or the local ones which are on trial at the moment in my area.

  4. I have a Pure Highway DAB radio! The first version. Been told it should work with DAB+ but, I need a firmware update. Anyone know where I download it from?

    1. You need to go to pure support at
      and select your model.

  5. Gordon, link should be this one, if available that is.

  6. This week I travelled up the A10/A1 from Hertfordshire and then on the A614 from near Doncaster to our home in Bridlington and I received excellent reception of stations broadcasting from the new D2 multiplex on the JVC car radio.

    On checking at home the reception on our Pure Evoke Flow and our Roberts Play radios show 70-80% signal strength for D2 as compared to 100% for the BBC, D1 and Humberside multiplexes. The reason for this higher coverage figure by the other three multiplexes is that they have a transmitter at Buckton Barn, just north of Bridlington, whereas our nearest transmitter for D2 is near Kingston upon Hull at High Hunsley.

    Unfortunately the postcode checker at shows no reception at our home postcode of the D2 multiplex which is clearly not true.

    I have therefore emailed Digital Radio UK and suggested that they modify the coverage of D2 reception in Bridlington from NO reception to at least FAIR reception or even GOOD reception.

  7. A lot of Vauxhall Vectra DAB radios have a Dab Box error after this upgrade

  8. This has caused a DAB box error on my Vauxhall Vectra. What should I do?


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