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Motors TV ceases on Freeview channel 71 in a surprise move

Motorsport fans were left disappointed after specialist channel Motors TV suddenly ceased broadcasting on Freeview channel 71.

The move, which took place at midday on the 1st February, came unannounced, in contrast to the blaze of publicity heralding the channel's arrival on channel 71 back in October 2014.

Motors TV's signal on channel 71 had around 70% population coverage and was available in standard definition in households with DVB-T2 compatible receivers, such as Freeview HD or YouView devices.

Viewers took to social media to complain about the unexpected change and searching for answers about the removal of the service. So far, the channel has remained silent about the changes.

Motors TV was available 24/7 on Freeview channel 71, although when it first launched viewers were told that it would switch to a part-time service - something that never materialised, despite being referenced to on the Freeview website.

Parallel to regular over the air transmissions on Freeview channel 71, Motors TV has been available as a streamed channel, available on compatible devices connected to the internet.

Since Monday, viewers are being redirected to this remaining streamed channel service, which is found on channel 240. A reliable and preferably unlimited broadband connection of around 2.5 Mbps or more is required.


  1. It's typical of Freeview.It's nothing new.Rishtey went from channel 77 no warnings

  2. We need more HD channels there's com 8 mux sitting nearly half empty. Really hope 5 HD comes to freeview soon,they can use com 8

    1. Really hoping that C4, who along with the BBC launched the extra muxes, are just waiting for deals to expire to launch Film4 and E4 in HD on Freeview. I can't imagine they really wanted them for C4+1 and 4Seven in HD.

      What Freeview really needs though is to take the next step - they muxes are only temporary and to futureproof Freeview we need to see some channels moving exclusively to DVB-T2, whether in SD or (ideally) in HD. A channel like 4Seven is ideal to be HD exclusive, while IMO all the +1 channels should be forced to switch to DVB-T2 muxes (in SD) to enable another mux to be cleared for conversion to HD.

  3. I was first to ask motors TV asking why. They replied with the answer of they are investigating why it was turned off and within an hour they deleted the reply on there twitter account

  4. There has been no "apology for the inconvenience" as far as I can see? Your link is to an article explaining how to receive the streamed version of the channel, but nothing in terms of an apology, or an explanation, or any rationale for the decision?

    1. The apology had been issued via social media, with the link provided above providing further advice on receiving the channel via Freeview 240.


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