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Heart Extra is coming

Global Radio is to launch the long-awaited digital radio sibling of Heart, Heart Extra on Monday 29th February 2016.

The station will be available on the Digital 1 national DAB multiplex, making use of capacity being freed up by some stations moving over to the new Sound Digital operated Digital 2 multiplex, which is launching on the same day.

The station will play a range of hits from the 1980s until the present day. The Heart Extra line-up will also include some of Heart’s best known personalities including Jenni Falconer, Mark Wright and Jason Donovan.

Heart Extra joins Global's sister stations Capital Xtra, Classic FM, LBC, Radio X and Smooth Extra on the Digital 1 multiplex. Premier Radio and Absolute 80s are among the stations changing frequencies to the new Digital 2 multiplex, freeing up capacity on the previously overcrowded Digital 1 multiplex.


  1. So... Premier Radio and Absolute 80s are moving from the Crowded D1 to the already planned crowded D2, with Heart Extra cluttering up D1 again. These 'extra' radio stations are pointless. Axe heart extra idea & Keep that extra space on D1 for services already there to take up some more bandwith for themselves. While we are on the subject, lets ditch Magic Mellow coming to D2, again pointless. The only thing we are getting right here is Launching DAB+ services. I am glad to see there are Asian services coming & a new talkRadio service, point being Britain is showing that we can cater for a wider audience than all these pop/chart music stations. I still think we a missing a Dance music service. [no Kiss is not dance music] more along the lines of 'This Is Electric'. Gaydio. Online radio station - Just 3 examples. We may be stuck with mono for sometime to come until DAB+ is more wide spread, but more choice is always good.
    Looking forward to seeing the full line up. [oh by the way i thought that the mux would be named 'D2'? I see it's SDL National. That doesn't seem quite right]

    1. At last a date for that start of D2 actually earlier than we all thought it would be, we were told it would be April, so a month early, great, just a pity that its all in mono, but enough said about that.

    2. I read that D2 would launch in march! Ha! Looking forward to 29th. My car Radio decodes the Sound Waves+ service at 32kbps into stereo. I'm quite happy! But yeah it's all about choice not quality.

    3. going by heart extra will be on D2. thats what it shows then you put your postcode & house number in.

    4. Heart Extra will launch on Digital 1. The checker had an error.


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