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Further transmitter sites boost UK DAB coverage

Four new transmitter sites have been confirmed for the national commercial DAB multiplex Digital One.

Official monthly data published by Ofcom, which keeps interested parties up-to-date with DAB coverage expansion progress, confirms that Digital One is now on-air from sites at Truleigh Hill (1.8kW effective radiated power), Benfleet (0.012kW ERP), Sidmouth  (0.7kW ERP) and Glasgow Hilton (0.3kW ERP).

The Glasgow Hilton site, which acts as a filler for central Glasgow is also being used for BBC National DAB, the Glasgow local DAB multiplex, the Central Scotland regional multiplex and the new Sound Digital (D2) multiplex, each broadcasting with an ERP of 0.3kW, giving better reception throughout central Glasgow.

Carmarthen has become the home of a transmitter site boosting coverage of the local DAB multiplexes for Swansea and Mid/West Wales, both 0.6kW ERP.

Official data published by Ofcom traditionally lags behind actual go-live dates, however because not all multiplex operators share data in the public domain, alongside anecdotal reception reports, this data is often the first publicly available information of new transmitter sites.

Other additional transmitter sites
10B Sussex Coast multiplex
1.8 kW: Truleigh Hill (serving West Sussex)
1.0 kW: Whitehawk Hill (serving Brighton) 
0.6 kW: Midhurst

10D West Wiltshire mux
0.5 kW: Bath (serving Bath)

11B: Wolverhampton/Shropshire mux

0.6 kW: Badgers Hill Woods (serving Cannock)

11C: Kent mux
1.2 kW: Benfleet (serving Isle Of Grain) 

11C: Cambridge mux
1.2 kW: Sandy Heath (Bedfordshire)

11C: South East Devon mux
0.6 kW: Budleigh Salterton
0.1 kW: Ashburton
0.3 kW: Tiverton
0.3 kW: Sidmouth

11A: SDL National (Sound Digital) confirmed sites (details of the remaining 36 sites are not outlined in the latest data)
10.0 kW: Angus
6.0 kW: Crystal Palace
0.3 kW: Glasgow Hilton 
1.55 kW: Mapperley Ridge Nottingham 
10.0 kW: Moel-Y-Parc
1.0 kW: Reigate
7.8 kW: Sandy Heath
8.5 kW: Turners Hill 
3.4 kW: Zouches Farm 


  1. Dunkirk in kent now has D1 & BBC mux its is also has the test's from 11A: SDL National (Sound Digital) also the swingate site in kent has kent mux added to weeks ago. so it looks like kent is now geting good DAB coverage.


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