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BBC to trial Scottish Six formats in non-broadcast pilots

BBC Scotland is to trial a new format, which could replace the BBC News at Six O'Clock and Reporting Scotland.

A series of pilot broadcasts will be made in the coming three weeks, according to BBC News, as the broadcaster looks at three options for the new format. The pilots will not be broadcast to the public, but will inform the broadcaster's future decisions on its early evening news coverage to viewers in Scotland.

The "Scottish Six" would provide an hour of news aimed at viewers north of the border, without the emphasis on England-only stories on education and health, which often feature on the BBC's 6pm news programme.

According to a report drawn up by senior BBC Scotland managers, the new format would not just become an extended edition of Reporting Scotland.

The three options being considered include an hour long bulletin wholly presented from Scotland, an hour bulletin mostly presented from Scotland, with a London-based journalist presenting a 10 minute round-up of international news and a third option maintaining the current set-up.


  1. form a an idependent scottish broadcasting corperation and the same for wales northern ireland england .It works in germany where each state has its own broadcasting corperation

  2. There certainly needs to a fundamental change with the way that the BBC broadcasts within the UK. I am sick and tired of turning on the news only to find out what's happening in England. By the way it chooses to broadcast the news the BBC is dis-enfranchising three contributing Nations who as a direct result of democracy have chosen their own system of Government.

    1. Funny, I think the same when watching the current Six o'clock news! So hope if BBC does start a "Scottish Six" the rest of the UK. no longer than to watch Scottish news!


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