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BBC Three: Did you know...?

It's nearly two years since the BBC announced it wanted to end the TV service. Now, the moment has arrived: BBC Three is about to become online-only. But did you know...

1. You're more likely to encounter adverts...
Rather than run a traditional linear TV channel, the BBC is pushing more and more content for youth audiences onto various internet platforms. 

Here, it's warning users of its new "Daily Drop" service that "this 3rd party content may contain adverts, which the BBC has no control over." 

3rd party content...? Who uploaded it to YouTube?

"Content on a 3rd party platform" perhaps? Not enough young people able to access the content if it was uploaded on the BBC's own website? 

And does the BBC get a cut of the ad-revenue?

Of course, other social media platforms now used by BBC Three also contain adverts, but the fact the advertising is penetrating further into the BBC's core offering continues to undermine its funding model.

2. It won't be a streaming service...
Even today, some viewers expect to be able to watch BBC Three online in the same way they watch other BBC channels. BBC Three's regular programmes will be available on-demand, not through a live stream.

Essentially, it's the BBC Three you've come to know of late, without the TV channel. Forget the BBC trying to make you think it's "moving online" and will now be available "24/7". The truth is that BBC Three has been online for years, where you've always been able to access it 24/7. Except when the BBC website crashes...

Without a regular schedule, the BBC says you can find out what BBC Three is up to in ... The Sun TV Mag... Really? Yes! see the screenshot below... Because young adults read old-fashioned newspapers?

Or you can visit the BBC Three Daily Drop at

Not everything you've been able to watch on BBC Three will in fact be available on the online-only service - some shows are even changing channels. Click here for a reminder of where some BBC Three shows are going instead....

3. Gavin & Stacey might not be the last programme to be shown on BBC Three's TV outlet...
Some Electronic Programme Guides are showing a "secret" BBC Three schedule from the early hours of Wednesday morning, running from 0200-0400, which would mean Gavin & Stacey, to be shown at 3:25 Tuesday 16th February might not be the last programme to air BBC Three TV. The secret EPG has back-to-back episodes of Josh and Uncle among others scheduled for the coming week.

The rest of the BBC Three timeslot will be used to point viewers online.

4. BBC Three may not be around for long....
Reports emerged over the weekend that the BBC is looking at merging BBC Three and BBC Radio 1 into a new "youth division", which would see a single management team looking after all aspects of the BBC's offering to young adults.

The move would be made in a year's time if the new online-only BBC Three failed to gain traction with audiences. BBC Three boss Damian Kavanagh was clueless about the rumours when he was asked by the RadioTimes about it last week. While BBC Three has been preparing to go online-only with an increased presence on social media, short video clips and a selection of regular programmes on the iPlayer, BBC Radio 1 has been popping more content online over the years, with an increased presence on social media, short video clips and a selection of regular programmes on the iPlayer...

5. You'll need to be a night owl if you can't get BBC Three Online...
Either you live in an area where broadband speeds aren't good enough for video streaming, or you're one of the BBC's legal TV viewers abroad living in places such as the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands or Belgium, where the BBC has commercial carriage agreements with local TV platform operators. You'll be able to watch around 1-2 hours of BBC Three content a week on BBC One or BBC Two.

The BBC Trust, who approved the online-only move last year stipulated that BBC Three content must be shown at different time slots in BBC One or BBC Two's schedule. So far, though, BBC One and Two schedules for the remainder of February indicate you'll need to stay up late to catch BBC Three content - only late night slots are scheduled.


  1. I'll be celebrating tomorrow.1 less BBC Crap off Freeview HD BBC One BBC Two & BBC Four left to get rid off.


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