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BBC Radio 6 Music leads the Digital Radio pack

In the battle for the No.1 digital-only station BBC 6 Music reclaimed the top spot overtaking sister station Radio 4 Extra in the last three months of 2015, according to radio listening figures from RAJAR out today.

BBC 6 Music increased listeners by 6% to 2.2m listeners (from 2.08m in Q4 2014) while BBC Radio 4 Extra increased by 23% to 2.1m listeners (from 1.7m listeners in Q4 2014). BBC Radio 5 Live sports extra’s listening reduced from its Ashes peak in Q3 2015 but annually increased by 88% to 1.2m listeners (from 0.7m in Q4 2014).

There was strong growth for commercial digital stations with Absolute 80s retaining its position as the No 1 commercial digital-only station growing by 12% to 1.59m listeners (from 1.4m in Q4 2014), although there's uncertainty if it can maintain this lead when it moves to a new multiplex covering less of the UK at the end of February. Kisstory grew year on year by 34% to 1.4m listeners (from 1.0m in Q4 2014) ahead of its forthcoming coverage expansion on the second national commercial digital radio multiplex in March 2016.

In its first Rajar period Global station Radio X recorded 1.2m listeners an increase of 30% over XFM listeners in Q4 2014. Digital listening to Radio X increased by 55% versus XFM digital listening in Q4 2014 boosted by Radio X going onto the D1 DAB Network in September 2015.

5 major radio brands in dual transmission now have digital listening accounting for the majority of listening: Absolute Radio Network – 78%, Magic – 56%, Kiss – 55%, Gold – 54%, BBC Radio 5 live (incl. Sports Extra) – 56%, In Q4 2015 LBC digital listening increased by 17% to nearly 50% (49.8%) from 44% last year. In terms of audience reach.

Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, said:
“Digital listening continues to grow by 10% per annum and is closing the gap on analogue listening. Digital listening to national stations is already over 50% and we expect to see that accelerate with the biggest ever launch of national commercial stations this Spring. This is a massive moment for radio and listeners, and with this explosion of choice there has never been a better time to listen to digital radio at home or in the car.”

1. BBC Radio 5 Live (AM and Digital)
2. BBC Radio 6 Music (Digital only) TOP DIGITAL ONLY
3. BBC Radio 4 Extra (Digital only)
4. Magic (London FM, National Digital)
5. Absolute 80s (Digital only)
6. Kisstory (Digital only)
7. BBC World Service (UK figures only - Digital 24/7 overnights on R4 FM/LW)
8. BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra (Digital only)
9. Absolute Radio (London & Birmingham FM, AM and Digital)
10. BBC 1Xtra (Digital only)
11. Planet Rock (Digital only)
12. Heat (Digital only)
13. Smooth Extra (Digital only)
14. Kerrang! (Digital only)
15. The Hits (Digital only)
16. Radio X (London & Manchester FM, Digital)
17. Absolute Radios 90 (Digital only)
18. Gold (AM and Digital)
19. Absolute Classic Rock (Digital only)
20. Kiss Fresh (Digital only)


  1. I guess that Absolute 80s, will lose a lot of listeners when it moves DAB multiplex. Think it's a very bad move for them!


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