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As more viewers binge on TV dramas, Sky updates its Sky+HD service

Sky has announced a further raft of updates to its Sky+ service, reflecting changes in the way subscribers are accessing drama.

Speaking of the changes in viewing habits that have taken place, Michele Swaine, Director of Product Development said that "up to 95% of viewing of dramas can take place after the episode is shown live as people increasingly choose to enjoy shows on demand."

To cater for this increased desire to binge on drama, new features being introduced to Sky+ include:
  • Download All. Now customers can select to move the full series into their Planner, with the first two episodes downloading automatically. 
  • Watch Next. Towards the end of a show, you will see an on screen prompt to ‘watch next episode’ if you’ve downloaded the whole series. If you decide to keep watching by pressing the green button the next episode will play immediately. The Watch Next prompt will stay on screen for approximately 10 seconds but can also be cleared by pressing the Back Up button.

Other features being introduced as part of this update are:
  • More recognisable show images across Sky+ to help decide what to watch – with images added to New Series, Suggestions, Search and TV Box Sets.
  • Movies in the recently launched Watchlist are now ordered by the date they expire from Sky Movies making it easier to never miss a movie again. Customers may also choose to sort this list by A-Z, Recently Added, Oldest or Age Rating using the blue button. Even more Suggestions are presented when you select Top Picks with eight suggestions of shows and movies based on what’s in your Planner.

Compatible Sky+HD boxes will receive the update from today. Older receivers are not eligible for this update.


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