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Back from the dead: Arise News reappears

London-based, Nigerian owned news channel Arise News has sprung into life again, with programmes resuming on digital satellite.

Available again on Sky channel 519, programmes started up during Monday, a month after the channel completely fell off the air, following persistent reports of non-payment of staff and suppliers by Nigerian owner Nduka Obaigbena, who is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal in Nigeria.

The Press Gazette reported at the beginning of February that staff and suppliers were owed £1 million. Ofcom confirmed last year that the channel had failed to pay its annual fees for its broadcasting licence.

Content on the news channel is current, but looped on a regular basis. The ticker incorrectly advises viewers that it's being carried on Freeview, a platform Arise News left abruptly last autumn. The channel is broadcast from headquarters at New Zealand House in London. Online outlets have not been updated since last year.


  1. Strange it's back on rip-off Sky but not better Freeview HD


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