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Amazing Radio dropped from DAB in London

Amazing Radio has gone internet-only after being dropped from DAB digital radio in the Greater London area.

The station, which features new and emerging artists, was pulled overnight from Friday to Saturday from the Switchdigital DAB multiplex, which covers the capital and parts of neighbouring south-east England.

The removal the station followed a week after details emerged of a carriage fee dispute between multiplex operator Switchdigital and Amazing Radio, as reported first by a516digital on 29th January.

In a multiplex change request document submitted to regulator Ofcom, Switchdigital indicated that there had been "persistent non-payment of carriage fees." In its request, Switchdigital said it wanted "the regulatory flexibility to enforce the provisions of its carriage agreement with Amazing Media to suspend the Amazing Radio service if fee arrears are not cleared."

The controversial document briefly appeared on the Ofcom website, before being taken offline.

Amazing Radio hasn't commented on the issue so far; its social media outlets haven't been updated with the DAB changes.


  1. It's very disappointing that DAB and DAB+ is now being transmitted in low bit rates and in mono. When digital was first announced I looked forward to high quality digital stereo. This is not the case and the bandwidth is being reduced. Unfortunately many people like myself who have invested in very expensive Hi-Fi equipment are now left with an inferior service. I feel cheated by the broadcasters. Regards J McElwee


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