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Amazing Radio London DAB departure: both sides of the story

The loss of Amazing Radio, a station focusing on new and emerging artists, from DAB in London came as a surprise. But why did the station disappear? 

Three days after the station abruptly vanished from the capital's DAB station line-up and following our report over the weekend, Amazing Radio has issued a statement with its account of the situation, saying that it had made the decision to come off DAB "with heavy hearts but clear minds".

In a blog post published today, the station explained that it "thought it made sense to keep ‘proper radio’ in the mix, even though most people now listen online and on Apps, and our London audience is a tiny proportion of the total."

"But as amazing expanded and listenership became ever more global, we wondered if it made sense to spend so much money on a limited platform in one city. Today phones can put every radio station in pockets and car dashboards. Do we really serve new music best with London DAB? And with Amazing Record Co. releases aired on BBC Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, 6Music, Kerrang, Planet Rock and XFM (so far), should we also be a terrestrial station?

"So with heavy hearts but clear minds we came off London DAB last Friday. People kept tweeting – not about DAB, but about the awesome music they were still discovering. That’s what counts."

But multiplex operator Switchdigital, which carried Amazing Radio on DAB in London appeared to offer a different account of events. In a document sent to Ofcom, it alleged that the station's owner, Amazing Media Group, was not paying its fees. The document briefly made it into the public domain and was seen by a516digital:

The station, which is still available online, has meanwhile stated that it is now working towards the launch of "a huge project with a major global brand, putting amazing musicians in front of 28 million customers." Amazing promises that "it will blow the lid off access to opportunity", with further information about the project, due to start in April, to be announced soon.


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