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RT HD arrives on Freeview

A high definition simulcast of Kremlin-funded news channel RT UK has gone live on Freeview.

RT HD launched on Freeview at lunchtime, just over two years after it first launched on satellite. For non-HD viewers, the standard definition version of RT continues on channel 135 as normal. In addition to world news and current affairs, the channel also contains a UK opt-out during the evening with hourly news bulletins tailored to UK audiences.

It's the first new HD channel on Freeview since the launch of two QVC HD channels last spring.

Coinciding with the change, Movies4Men+1 has been removed from Freeview channel 50, except for viewers in Manchester who will need to retune. The main Movies4Men channel continues on channel 48.

How to receive RT HD on Freeview
RT HD is on channel 113 and is also available to viewers with YouView boxes.

The service belongs to a group of channels covering just over 70% of the UK population. Viewers who already can receive BBC Four HD on channel 106 will be able to get the new RT HD channel. In some instances a retune may be required.

More information on the Freeview Updates page...


  1. Now even more reason to have HD news channels in the news channel section!!

  2. HD News channels very much a waste of the limited space. Really need to see the flagship commercial digital channels leading the charge, not QVC and RT.

  3. we what channel 5 in hd not news

  4. Channel 5 HD hopefully will be put onto 105


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