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Redesign for Sky Go service

Sky has announced its biggest ever redesign of Sky Go, its online TV service. From this week in the UK and Ireland, Sky will start rolling out the new design, beginning with a brand new home page for the mobile app and web service.  

Later in the year, the streaming service will introduce new features for both live and on-demand TV.

Sky says the new features will "make the app more intuitive, surfacing more shows, sports and movies to the millions of customers who use Sky Go every month. It will become simpler to binge on box sets with a watch next episode feature and easier to find more movies to watch similar to ones you’ve been watching. "

Michele Swaine, Director of Product Development commented: 
“This is just the start of a really exciting year for Sky Go - an app that’s led the way in watching on the go and loved by millions of people around the UK.
“Both the redesign rolling out today and brilliant new features coming later this year are all part of our commitment to making finding the best TV brilliantly simple. So grab your phone or tablet, log in, and enjoy your favourite TV wherever you are.”

The brand new home page rolls out from today for Android users, with an iOS update to follow in February as part of a phased roll out. Customers who use the Sky Go web service will find the whole site and navigation has been overhauled from today with the new intuitive home page across all platforms.


  1. Its a decent redesign (On the Android app that is) and it no longer auto-rotates to being long, it stays wide if thats what you want!
    But the still-lack of HD offerings and the limited amount of channels compared to whats on offer on the TV service is still rather poor.
    The quality isn't amazing in terms of picture as some streams are as low still as 360p. Sky Sports, Eurosport and the ITV channels are 480p, but in 2016 and paying what you do for such services, SkyGo being SD only still is rather poor, especially when the likes of BBC and BT can offer 720p HD video LIVE but Sky cannot, the same Sky that has shoved HD down your throat for over a decade!!

  2. Surely rather than mess about with Sky Go, it would be far better to make it available on ALL platforms including Chrome.


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