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New broadcast slot for Holiday & Cruise following C5+24 changes

The Holiday and Cruise channel has announced new broadcast times for viewers, coinciding with changes to timeshift service Channel 5+24.

From 1st February 2016, Holiday and Cruise has confirmed it will be available in a new timeslot on Channel 5+24: broadcasting every morning from 8am to 9am  in a new "Wake Up and Cruise" slot on Channel 5+24.

The change coincides with wider changes taking place on Channel 5's 24-hour timeshift channel from the beginning of February, when an increase in its regular broadcast hours is due to commence.

Holiday and Cruise is available full-time on Sky channel 256 and free-to-air satellite. Currently, the channel is shown within a teleshopping slot at 6pm on the Freeview version of Channel 5+24. Satellite and cable versions of Channel 5+24 have a different schedule. According to Holiday and Cruise, the new morning slot will be carried on Freeview, Freesat and Virgin Media, although no mention is made of Sky. However, as the Freesat feed of Channel 5+24 is the same as Sky, it's expected to appear on Sky via C5+24 as well as via its own channel.


  1. Finally Channel 5 + 24 on Freeview gets all day programmes from 1st February 2016. Long overdue.

  2. Ch5 HD on Freeview would be better.....


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