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Has the owner of Arise News been arrested?

Several African media outlets are reporting that the controversial owner of Arise News, Nduka Obaigbena has been arrested, after being declared a wanted man by Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

It follows a string of serious allegations relating to the maladministration of funds that were due to pay for counter-terrorist activity in the country.

The reports are still sketchy and can't be verified at the moment. But it follows a string of reports from the West African nation during the past 72 hours that the Arise News owner has been lying low in recent days to avoid attention from the authorities following his involvement in the corruption scandal.

Arise News is still broadcasting on Sky, returning to air after a brief spell off air on the 14th January, after it was reported that freelance journalists were promised upfront payments to work on the channel this week.

Top story on Arise News, 21/01/2016
It remains to be seen how long the channel can remain on air in the current circumstances, although the channel is managing to continue covering some of the main news stories of the day.

Meanwhile, it's emerged that one of the reasons why Arise's US coverage abruptly fell off air last year was due to the seizure of equipment belonging to the channel at its New York offices. US-anchored programming returned for a while late last year, but from a more simple looking TV studio.


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