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F1: free-to-air and pay TV races for 2016

Sky Sports has today outlined its Formula 1 coverage for the 2016 season, confirming which races it will be showing exclusively live on its F1 channel and which races will also be available free-to-air on Channel 4.

The 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship schedule in full:

20 Mar - Australia    - Sky 
03 Apr - Bahrain      - Sky/C4 
17 Apr - China        - Sky 
01 May - Russia       - Sky 
15 May - Spain        - Sky/C4 
29 May - Monaco       - Sky 
12 Jun - Canada       - Sky
19 Jun - Azerbaijan   - Sky/C4
03 Jul - Austria      - Sky  
10 Jul - Great Britain- Sky/C4
24 Jul - Hungary      - Sky/C4
31 Jul - Germany      - Sky
28 Aug - Belgium      - Sky/C4
04 Sep - Italy        - Sky/C4
18 Sep - Singapore    - Sky
02 Oct - Malaysia     - Sky/C4
09 Oct - Japan        - Sky 
23 Oct - USA          - Sky
30 Oct - Mexico       - Sky/C4
13 Nov - Brazil       - Sky
27 Nov - Abu Dhabi    - Sky/C4

Sky Sports F1 will be the only place to watch live coverage of the F1 season opener as Lewis Hamilton begins his quest for a fourth World Championship. The channel will be the only place Sky to watch all 21 races live.  

Sky Sports Head of F1, Martin Turner, said: 

“This season offers everything. More races, more stories and more drama and only on Sky Sports F1 can viewers enjoy the complete story live.  All eyes will again be on Lewis Hamilton while Mercedes and Ferrari will go head to head for the Constructors title.  Our award-winning coverage will be there from the opening grid to the final chequered flag on our dedicated F1 channel and across our digital platforms.”

In addition to watching every session of qualifying, practice and race in the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship, Sky has confirmed viewers will be able to enjoy live coverage of F1 feeder series GP2 and GP3. 

Sky Sports F1 is available on Sky, Virgin Media, TalkTalk and without a monthly contract via NOW TV.

Channel 4 will be showing Formula 1 live for the first time in its history, after it took over the remaining years of the former BBC TV contract, which the BBC gave up after a £150 million shortfall in its funding emerged after increasing numbers of viewers took advantage of the so-called iPlayer loophole, allowing them to watch BBC TV programmes without a licence.

Stephen Lyle, Channel 4's head of F1 said:
"We are delighted to announce the full line up of races we will be showing live across 2016. The British Grand Prix is a huge highlight of the sporting calendar and we're looking forward to covering all the action live from Silverstone this summer."


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