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CNBC launches new Europe-lite schedule

CNBC is launching its newly reduced European schedule from Monday 4th, which sees the number of hours of content made for viewers of its international service in Europe slashed.

For 2016, there be just five hours of content for Europe, with Worldwide Exchange moving to the USA, kicking starting a simulcast with CNBC U.S. from 10am through to the end of the US market day.

CNBC London will continue to produce an early morning and breakfast business news service starting with Capital Connection (5am UK) and European Squawk Box (6am-9am UK) as part of a five hour block of morning business and stock market news. Europe Street Signs follows at 9am UK time, before European coverage ends at 10am.

Worldwide Exchange - previously produced and broadcast from London - is moving to New Jersey as part of the change, and will be on-air at 10am UK time, immediately before the channel's regular US stock market coverage commences.

European Closing Bell, which has already been axed, began being phased out in November, after the broadcaster's initial announcement that it was cutting costs and jobs at its London base. The show ended up only being broadcast on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 4pm UK time. Squawk Alley from CNBC US now airs in this slot.

CNBC's commitment to European business news on TV has been noticeably waning in recent months. During the US holiday of Thanksgiving, the channel showed recorded content, despite European and Asian markets being open for trading.

It marks the end of late morning and afternoon business programming from Europe for Europe on the channel. 21 years ago, CNBC's European Money Wheel launched on the now defunct NBC Super Channel, a precursor to what would become a fully fledged service in Europe. It provided rolling European business news right through to 1pm UK time.

CNBC has said it's putting more money into a live online blog that will run all day - similar to the BBC's Business Live page on the BBC News website.

Importantly for Jimmy Fallon fans, The Tonight Show will continue to feature on CNBC International's late night schedules for Europe.

  • Meanwhile, it's a day of changes for Channel 5. Ex-BBC Breakfast presenter Sian Williams debuts on the Viacom-owned channel at 5pm as the new host of 5 News.


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