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Channel shuffle for YourTV on Freeview

Lifestyle and entertainment channel YourTV has taken advantage of a vacant Freeview slot to change channel number on Freeview.

From today, YourTV is officially on channel 72, having moved from channel 73. YourTV+1, which is a placeholder channel - only available for a limited time overnight - has moved from 78 to 73.

YourTV launched on Freeview nearly four months ago on 1st October 2015, becoming parent company Fox's first Freeview channel. It targets a mostly female audience and is the current home of older episodes of Don't Tell The Bride and its Irish spin-off.

  • Constant retuning of Freeview is a sore point among some viewers: If your TV or other type of Freeview receiver hasn't made the adjustment automatically, there's probably little reason to retune at this stage: you are not missing out on channels if you don't retune just yet, you'll just still see YourTV on channel 73.

Freeview Channel Updates: more information


  1. Agree with many Freeview TVs/boxes still needing manual tuning there are far too many retunes of often minor channels. Particularly fed up of these "holding channels" airing just an hour or two overnight just to hold a slot - with space not as limited as it once was it's time they introduced a rule similar to Sky requiring minimal hours for a slot on the EPG (or at the very least to be allowed to jump slots). 3-4 hours a day between 6am and midnight isn't unreasonable.

  2. I'm absolutely fed up with these updates, especially as many are channels not broadcast from our transmitter!

    There's too many channel changes, does it really matter that much that a channel changes from one channel number to another, especially just one digit like this one 73 to 72?

    I'm all for progress, but not change for changes sake and I don't see why my TV or video is too old, as I was once told by some eager salesperson in the TV dept of a unnamed store!

    Please, lets have some common sense brought in.

  3. Sick of retuning.I've already deleted Aljazerra HD from my Freeview HD recorder because of HD keeps breaking on their service.
    YourTV can stay on 73. I don't want that Aljazerra English HD rubbish on my Freeview HD anymore i've permanently boycotted it.


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