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Boost for Portsmouth local DAB service

Portsmouth's trial DAB service has been given a boost in coverage, following the relocation of its transmitter and commenced broadcasting services in the newer DAB+ standard.

Solent Wireless, the operator of the local multiplex, part of an Ofcom trial of a new way of providing DAB services to towns and cities, moved its transmitter to Fort Widley on Portsdown Hill on Thursday afternoon.

The move of the transmitter from its previous site at Highbury College will provide "an effective doubling of power", according to Solent Wireless, who say that reception should now be better in the Southsea, Gosport, Hayling Island and Waterlooville areas. The service continues to broadcast on the same frequency (VHF Block 7D).

Coinciding with the move, the Solent Wireless multiplex has welcomed two new services using the newer DAB+ standard: these are community station Awaaz FM and Indulgence, featuring vintage film music. Only newer DAB radios, bearing the logo pictured above can receive these services.

Existing stations, currently including Chris Country, The Flash and Jack FM continue in the original DAB standard. Solent Wireless says it is interested in any good or bad reception reports following the changes to its services.

  • In other DAB news, TalkSport 2 is the first of the new DAB stations to announce a launch date on the Sound Digital (SDL) National multiplex. It will launch on 15th March. SDL National is currently testing in parts of the UK on VHF Block 11A.


  1. That's great news Solent Wireless has launched services on DAB+


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