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BBC Two brings back Robot Wars

What do you do when you've been told by the BBC Trust to cater youth audiences once BBC Three goes online-only? You reboot Robot Wars, which in the years immediately before youth programming was spun off to BBC Three was a success for BBC Two.

The iconic entertainment show will return to BBC Two, in six one-hour instalments and will, according to the BBC today, feature a new structure with more robots, more battles and more science than ever before.

In the new series, a raft of technological advances since the show first aired over a decade ago will be included, and viewers can expect to see more innovative fighting machines as teams of amateur roboteers battle it out to win the coveted Robot Wars title.

The show will be recorded in a new purpose-built fighting arena in Glasgow, allowing viewers to get even closer to the action, with state-of-the-art cameras capable of capturing every crushing, sawing and scorching moment in incredible detail.

Kim Shillinglaw, Controller of BBC Two and BBC Four, says:
“Robot Wars is an absolute TV classic and I'm thrilled to be updating it for the next generation of viewers. With new technological advances making for an even more exciting and immersive experience, this is a fantastic example of the kind of content-rich factual entertainment that BBC Two excels at.”

Alan Tyler, BBC Acting Controller of Entertainment Commissioning, says:
“The redeveloped Robot Wars proved compelling, offering a mix of real people, real passion and raw power. It is remarkable to see how much more powerful these robots have become since the series last aired, with battles now staged in an arena that is literally bullet proof. And yet, the show is still fundamentally driven by the eccentricity of the brilliant brains behind the machines. We are excited to bring this clever new incarnation not only to an audience who loved the original but also to those who may be discovering it for the first time."


  1. Sounds good I always did like this programme when it was on years ago, I hope Craig Chiles will host it again, it would be cool to see him back.

  2. Hopefully they will include 'Challenges' such as autonomous battles, or navigate a maze autonomously or something, as well as the traditional battles.


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