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BBC II! - Corporation reveals new identity and switch date for BBC Three

The BBC has officially unveiled its new branding for BBC Three ahead of the channel's transition to an online-only service.

Ahead of the closure of the BBC Three TV service - the switch to an online only presence is now reported to be taking place on Tuesday 16th February 2016 - the BBC is giving the service a new look on TV, on the BBC website and on apps as well as on the iPlayer across online, mobile and TV platforms.

Followers of the a516digital Twitter feed may have already seen a glimpse of the new logo last year when it was spotted making a premature outing on BBC Three TV.

Enter Nikki Carr, Head of Marketing for BBC Three, who has pre-empted criticism of the new logo in a BBC Blog. She said:
"What is most striking is the new logo and fact it doesn't actually say three. It's easy to belittle the importance a logo has in supporting a brand, and I'm sure the usual critics will have their say - "It looks like Adidas", "It looks like a hamburger menu icon", "it doesn't even say three", "are they Roman numerals" - but if I'm honest I'm not worried."

(At this point a516digital would like to remind readers that this isn't the first time a BBC service hasn't had its numeral spelt out in letters in its logo.)

The BBC says the new logo will work better on smartphone apps than the previous BBC Three logo.

Since this morning's official reveal,  the logo has already been panned on various websites and across social media - including one article that claims the logo says BBC Two, another reports that it's been inspired by satirical show W1A - a widely shared observation among social media users. And it bears similarities to the University of Derby's recent Inspire, Innovate, Impact campaign logo.

BBC Three: what changes?
In Feburary, BBC Three's TV service will be removed. Youth content on the BBC will continue with the BBC Three brand, now with new logo, slapped on its iPlayer pages, website and social media apps.

Regular "long-form" programmes from BBC Three will appear at various timeslots on BBC One and BBC Two. The BBC Trust has ordered BBC management to ensure this content is shown at different times of the day, and it must continue to be part of BBC One and BBC Two's schedules in the future - the BBC originally only wanted to put BBC Three content on the two other channels for an interim period.

There will also be 'short-form' programming such as comedy shots and clips available exclusively online. Additionally, various the BBC will produce various social media content on services such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to name a few - expect many more animated GIFs...

The BBC calls the move to an online-only service a "switchover", a term favoured by broadcasters so as to make a change sound less negative: the process known as "analogue switch-off" in other countries a few years back was called "digital switchover" here in the UK, although it was only a true switchover for the small number of viewers that couldn't already receive digital TV. The BBC also says that BBC Three will be better as it will be 24/7 from the "switchover", although its online presence is already very much 24/7, as it has been since the launch of the iPlayer.


  1. I saw this a while back and thought it was someone's idea of a laugh but im sat here now and left in amazement that its actually real!!
    Its a comical joke at best!

  2. That logo clearly says "BBC 2!", that's how my brain read it and that's a correct interpretation of the roman numerals. To call that 3 is wrong.

  3. The other thing the logo brings to my mind is a set of cricket stumps. But cricket isn't in BBC3's target area I suspect.

  4. Who do they honestly imagine will want to watch it online get real will ya its a joke the BBC is outdated now anyway

  5. I hope that the BBC Trust will show them that people are just confused by this and they will be forced to dump it!

  6. Have to agree with everyone else, this is the BBC at it's worst. I can understand how some dimwit come up with this, but how did it get past anyone with a brain. Please don't tell me they have all left the building?

  7. So, the order will be BBC One, BBC Two, BBC II! (or 2!) and BBC Four? How the hell does that work that's confusing, moronic and it messes up the order because BBC One, BBC Two, BBC II! and BBC Three makes a whole lot more sense. This is the dumbest idea that the Beeb have come up with to this point.

  8. Hmmmm...

    "The BBC calls the move to an online-only service a "switchover", a term favoured by broadcasters so as to make a change sound less negative: "

    Nikki Carr, Head of Marketing for BBC Three said:"- but if I'm honest I'm not worried."

    In other words, in their usual arrogant way the stuffed shirts of the BBC do what the heck thy like, regardless of public wants, needs or its opinion; and continue to patronise us as if we all just rowed up the Clyde in a Banana skin...

    ...And continue to collect their over-stuffed salaries regardless of cuts to actual programmes no doubt!

    If they were honest they wouldn't be trying to sell us this crock in any way shape or form. Pull the plug and have done with it; save the money spent on smoke and mirrors and there might just be enough left to make a few more programmes!


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