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Amazing Radio in DAB carriage fee dispute

UPDATED | Ofcom has received a request to boot Amazing Radio off DAB in London because the station hasn't been paying its fees.

Switchdigital, which carries the station on the London III DAB multiplex says it was forced to submit a multiplex change variation request to Ofcom to seek the regulator's approval to remove Amazing Radio due to "persistent non-payment of carriage fees. "

The multiplex operator says it is seeking "the regulatory flexibility to enforce the provisions of its carriage agreement with Amazing Media to suspend the Amazing Radio service if fee arrears are not cleared."

Amazing Radio features new and emerging music, and did originally broadcast nationwide on DAB.

UPDATE: Following publication of this story, Ofcom has removed the controversial multiplex change request form from its website. It is unusual for request forms deemed commercially sensitive to be made public, at least without redaction. The document confirmed Ofcom's approval of the move to take Amazing Radio off DAB, but did not indicate the regulator's stance on the carriage payment issue.


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