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Victoria Derbyshire and Frank Skinner among five new inductees of Radio Hall of Fame

The Radio Academy inducted five more radio personalities into its prestigious Hall of Fame at a lunch held in Birmingham today. 

Pete Tong, Victoria Derbyshire, Frank Skinner, Nihal Arthanayake and Tony Butler were all honoured in this year's list, which recognises many of the UK's radio greats. Previous inductees have included Trevor Nelson, Nick Ferrari, Annie Nightingale, Margherita Taylor and John Peel.

The event was hosted by Heart West Midlands presenter Ed James at The Vox Centre, NEC Birmingham.

Ben Hart, Head of Commercial Radio at Arqiva congratulated the latest Hall of Fame intakes, saying
"Their hard word and dedication to radio have ensured that they are all very much deserving of this honour."
Roger Cutsforth, Managing Director of The Radio Academy added:
"It's a privilege to induct them into the Hall of Fame and highlights just how blessed with talent our industry is."

How the inductees reacted:
Pete Tong said:
"I'm truly flattered to be inducted into the Radio Academy Hall of Fame. Radio truly inspired and shaped my career path from an early age. Sitting in my bedroom as a young teenager listening to the likes of Emperor Rosko, Robbie Vincent, Johnny Walker, Greg Edwards and Peter Powell. I'm a huge fan of the medium which at its best is still so simple, so powerful and so personal. Long may it reign."

Victoria Derbyshire said:
"I'm totally thrilled and honoured to be invited to join The Radio Academy's Hall of Fame and seriously humbled to be in the company of such radio giants as Kenny Everett, Chris Evans, Jane Garvey and Alistair Cook."

Frank Skinner said:
"When I heard I was to become a Hall of Famer, I felt properly proud. Does this mean I'll finally get my publicity postcard in the reception area? The one with me looking preoccupied, in headphones. My 'Mr Radio' jungle suddenly seems much less ironic."

Nihal Arthanayake said:
"I treat this news with a mixture of bewilderment and shock. I have been on the radio for 13 years and the BBC has allowed me to go and explore my interests and challenge myself. To now be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame at this stage in my career is such an honour that I'm not sure how to articulate it. I've still got lots to do and lots to learn and this incredible honour will give me even more energy to carry on this exciting journey. Thank you to all involved in choosing me."

Tony Butler started his career as BRMB’s first sport’s editor in 1974. He was well known forhis distinctive local accent and sometimes controversial style. After a tour of Canadian and US radio stations, Tony began to adopt and develop a similar style of broadcasting, offering controversial opinions and often arguing with callers to his shows. It was this innovative programming that led to the introduction of the football phone-in. In 1987, Tony started to broadcast on BBC Radio WM where he continued his Friday night football phone-­in in and was promoted to Breakfast Show presenter. Tony retired from BBC WM in 2012.


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