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UKTV channels make free-to-air switch on satellite

Really, Yesterday and Drama from UKTV have gone free-to-air ahead of their arrival on Tuesday on Freesat.

Viewers with Freesat receivers can now tune them in manually (details below). But the change has coincided with a change in coverage, not only for these three channels but their sister channels including Gold, Alibi and Eden.

All 10 standard definition channels belonging to the UKTV family of services are now broadcasting on the infamous UK spotbeam, making reception more difficult outside of the British Isles. This is due to broadcast rights issues affecting free-to-air services, whereby free-to-air channels often have to limit overspill reception as much as possible.

+1, Republic of Ireland and HD versions of the channels, broadcast on pan-European transponders are unchanged in terms of coverage, although Yesterday +1 is currently configured as a free-to-view service, which means although Sky card is at the present time still required, it is no longer part of any of Sky's subscription packages.

Really, Yesterday and Drama are three of four UKTV channels the company provides on terrestrial service Freeview. Contractual issues are believed to have stopped Dave, the fourth Freeview channel from going free-to-air on satellite at this time.

Freesat viewers will be able to watch Really, Yesterday and Drama on channels 162-164 from Tuesday afternoon.

UK Spotbeam coverage area. >1.2m dishes needed around edge.
New transponder: UKTV SD channels
Frequency/Polarisation: 12129 vertical,
Symbol Rate: 27500,
FEC: 2/3
Broadcast mode: DVB-S, QPSK


  1. The Symbol rate is actually 27500 not 22000 as you have.


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