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TVPlayer arrives on Apple TV

TV streaming service TVPlayer has now landed via an official Apple TV App, giving Apple users the opportunity to watch over 85 of the UK’s top TV channels.

It had been previously possible to stream TVPlayer channels via Apple TV, although there had not been full support of all of its channels, which now changes with the official Apple TV-specific App, which was formally announced in a press release by the company today.

The service, which first arrived in app stores two years ago has grown to include premium channels including Discovery Channel, TLC, Eurosport 1, History and Sony Movie Channel, with no contract, for just £4.99 per month, while the original free service contains some of the most popular free-to-air channels, plus music channels from Box+, news from CNN, NHK World and France 24 and a selection of Asian channels, also available at and mobile apps.

Lewis Arthur, Operations Director of TVPlayer said, 
“The 4th generation Apple TV is something we and our viewers have been eagerly anticipating. TVPlayer is all about convenience: being able to watch the TV channels you love whenever you want, at home or on the go. We see the new Apple TV as a great new way for viewers to watch all of our channels. For iPhone and iPad users, TVPlayer’s free app is also available for viewing out of home.” 

TVPlayer Plus offers  Lifetime®, HISTORY®, H2®, Crime + Investigation®, Discovery Channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery (ID), Animal Planet, Discovery Turbo, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo WILD, Sony Entertainment Television, Sony Movie Channel, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Cartoonito and BabyTV with others soon to follow.

Current TVPlayer Plus subscribers who have signed up via their iPhone or iPad can access TVPlayer Plus on the new Apple TV at no extra charge.

The official launch announcement from TVPlayer follows hot on the heals on this week's news from the BBC that its iPlayer service has launched on Apple TV, giving UK users of the service a boost in the amount of popular UK content and channels they can access.


  1. Why are you reporting this as news? TVPlayer was one of the first apps to launch on TVOS at the start of November. Google it, it's been in the top 10 from day 1.

    1. It is typical for companies to soft-launch new products with minimum publicity before officially announcing its availability, which is what happened today. Often this is to iron out any issues before the publicity starts!

      It has been previously possible to access TVPlayer via Apple TV, actually for several months, although some functionality has been missing, and didn't offer full support for the TVPlayer Plus channels.

      a516digital of course does on occasion feature news items before there's an official announcement, such as the recent arrival of Netflix on Freesat Freetime, which took a time to appear on other websites...

  2. I have been disappointed that TV Player Plus is not on Android or Amazon TV yet. I know that they have an application planned but there is still no news of a release date yet.


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