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Oldies station for Sussex approved by Ofcom

A new oldies service targeting the over 50s in Sussex has been given approval by Ofcom to launch on DAB digital radio in the county.

Operating on the newly expanded Sussex local DAB multiplex, Oldies Sussex will take over from current 'nostalgia classics' service Smile Sussex with test transmissions from 11th January 2016, ahead of a full launch in February 2016.

The station will go head-to-head with Global Radio's Gold, which also operates a service on the Sussex DAB multiplex.

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  1. Oldies on the virtually dead DAB system only - but not it seems on either FM or AM proves how out of touch Ofcom really is. What a pity there can't be some common sense shown in this case and a couple of LPAM frequencies at least tried for comparison of listener numbers - many would willingly listen on their 'trannies even valve sets but are being neglected so as to push a system now proven unpopular and often impractical (black spots and bubbling mud DAB!) - back to sleep Ofcom ..... Watlingfen.


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