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New travel text service preserves old rituals on terrestrial TV

It's more of the same for Freeview's latest travel text service, 365 Travel, which launched last week on channel 201.

Following on from the sudden removal of Holidays TV in November, when the subsidiary of the Daily Mail group that owned the licence handed it back to Ofcom, there has been no travel text service on terrestrial TV for the first time in over twenty years. Holidays TV in turn replaced Teletext Holidays when that service went online-only in 2012.

Now that's changed with the launch of 365 Travel on channel 201, available to just over 90% of the UK population on Freeview.

Although the licence for 365 Travel is held under a different company - BoxBeat Media, the company also responsible for "Kiss Me TV" and "Proud Dating" - it's essentially the same service as Holidays TV - and Teletext Holidays before that - even the Freeview EPG still makes occasional reference to Holidays TV in the synopsis field.

For the surely ever declining audiences that want to browse holiday offers via a text-based service, 365 Travel continues with the familiar navigation tools of its predecessors - for example page numbering starts at 200, in a nod to Teletext Holidays and its page numbering system.

So at a time of the year when many traditions and rituals are kept alive, the ritual of browsing text-based holiday ads on terrestrial TV for next year's holiday has been saved for another year.


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