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Longer News at Ten for the BBC

A five month trial which saw the BBC's main evening news extended until 10:45 is to become a permanent arrangement in the new year.

From 11th January, the 10pm news will be extended with a longer bulletin from the nations and regions following the main UK and international news with Huw Edwards in an extension that was initially trialed in the run up and immediate aftermath of this year's General Election.

Announcing the changes, Gavin Allen, Controller of Daily News Programmes, said:
“Along with its sister programme at 6, the BBC’s 10 o’clock News is already the most popular news bulletin in the UK and in the New Year it will offer even more. Viewers will continue to see the fullest range of stories – and now we’ll have still more scope to explain the events that impact the country and help to make sense of the changing world around us.”

David Holdsworth, Controller of English Regions added 
“Through research, our audience has told us that they want more from our evening news service. The format we first tried before the election allows audiences to see more regional stories and gives us the opportunity to get under the skin of the issues alongside content that reflects arts and culture in different parts of the UK.”

The extended evening regional news in England is expected to coincide with a shorter lunchtime bulletin, as per the original trial earlier this year.

The changes are the latest part in an intensifying battle of words between the BBC and ITV over the 10pm news bulletin, which has included demands that the BBC should move their news bulletin. ITV recently revamped its 10pm news in an effort to attract more viewers. The BBC moved its news bulletin to 10pm in late 2000 after ITV originally ditched News At Ten.


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