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Freeview licence for RT HD

Russian news channel RT has been given a licence to operate a high definition service on Freeview.

It's the first new Freeview HD licence to be issued by Ofcom since the arrival of QVC's two HD services in the spring.

Further details about how, when and where the service will be provided on Freeview have not yet been disclosed.

In the UK, RT offers a British opt-out service, with a dedicated news service in the evenings. The English language service carries advertising, but the bulk of funding is set by the Kremlin. It has been repeatedly critised for being a propaganda tool and has been subject to numerous Ofcom investigations over its news coverage. Others praise the channel for providing an alternative view of the world.

RT has been broadcasting in HD on satellite for nearly two years.

This is an update to the article first published at 08:06.