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Freesat finally confirms UKTV additions

Freesat has today confirmed the arrival of three UKTV channels on to its service, but an exact launch date has not been announced.

UKTV's Really, Yesterday and Drama will launch "later this month". As previously reported by a516digital on Tuesday, Drama will launch on channel 162, Yesterday on 163 and Really on 164. Freesat data began to be published alongside their satellite signal earlier this week.

The three channels belong to a grouping of four channels that UKTV provides on Freeview, the other is Dave. All channels have been broadcast on satellite until now as encrypted services as part of Sky. UKTV also operates pay TV channels including Gold, Watch and Alibi that are unaffected by this announcement.

To facilitate the free-to-air move, UKTV's standard definition channels on Freesat have moved to a UK spotbeam, due to the broadcast rights implications of going free-to-air. This will reduce the channel's availability outside of the British Isles. Dave, which has an Irish version as part of Sky's TV package and contains more imported content is a notably absent from the announcement. There's also been no mention in the announcement as to whether UKTV's on-demand platform UKTV Play will be included on Freesat in the future.


  1. This is great news! Well done to Freesat for getting these extra channels! :)

  2. So they'll be free on Freesat but it's part of a subscription on Sky, how doe's that work out Freesat is Sky......

  3. To get the full set of UKTV channels, including +1s of the above channels, you'll need a Sky subscription. But you won't need a viewing card in the future to watch Really, Drama and Yesterday. Not that you're Sky sub will go down in price though, as you're no longer paying to access these three channels.

  4. Excellent acquisition for the Freesat platform. Another reason not to line Sky's coffers. Best move I ever made changing to Freesat.