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Extreme Sports joins UK TV channel graveyard

Sports channel Extreme Sports has ceased broadcasting to the UK and Ireland.

The channel, operated by AMC Networks International, had been distributed on Sky and Virgin Media until the morning of New Year's Eve.

Extreme Sports continues to operate in other European countries. AMC Networks International has not issued any statement to viewers about the channel's closure in the UK and Ireland.

Closing on the last day of 2015, the channel joins the likes of Bliss/Blissmas, Equal World, The Africa Channel, Sky Arts 2, Sky 3D and POP Girl, plus numerous temporary and obscure satellite channels that have entered the graveyard of TV channels this year.

Meanwhile, the last of the seasonally rebranded TV channels are expected to revert back to their normal names by the end of the weekend. Already most music and entertainment channels (e.g. Gold and Good Food) that temporarily rebranded the last few weeks have resumed normal service.

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  1. And now we see why it's a bad idea to retune at Christmas, you get stuck with all these stupid temporart channel names. Ufortunately this is the only time each year I can retune my Aunt's set top box.

  2. Damn. No more bull riding! The last thing worth paying for Virgin.

  3. Gutted why have they got rid of this channel I hate football & the likes give me bull riding & bikes not extra sky sports channels that show the same damn thing as the other channels. BRING BACK EXTREME SPORTS SKY NOW please

    1. Yeehaa! I'm not the only one. Amen brother.

    2. Yeehaa! I'm not the only one. Amen brother.

  4. This sucks! I've been a PBR fan for years, not interested in bloody football. Give me bull riding.

  5. They closed because they showed crappy bull riding constant, and not much else