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BT adds UHD Netflix

BT TV today officially confirmed the arrival of Netflix in 4k for users of its Ultra HD YouView service. Ultra HD BT TV customers will now be able to view some of the world’s biggest TV shows via BT's Ultra HD YouView+ set-top box and adding Netflix’s Ultra HD plan, currently £8.99 a month.

The Ultra HD Netflix service first began to pop up on 4k YouView boxes last week, and comes in addition to BT's existing UHD channel showcasing a selection of sports from BT's sports portfolio. Netflix shows include House of Cards, Narcos, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and Better Call Saul.

BT promises that customers signing up to Netflix as part of their BT service will "benefit from the simplicity of having Infinity Broadband, BT TV and Netflix in one single bill", and "streaming Netflix through their box will not eat into the customer’s broadband download allowance. "

In order to benefit, customers need to have a compatible Ultra HD TV/4k TV and sign up to BT TV’s Total Entertainment package for £15, and new customers will then receive a YouView+ Ultra HD set-top box.

Delia Bushell, managing director of BT TV & BT Sport said:
“This is bringing our BT TV customers the best drama series married with the highest quality viewing experience now available. Our Ultra HD package will enhance the experience and provide unmissable content at great value, including must-see new Netflix shows like Narcos, and original series like Orange Is The New Black available, alongside live action from the Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League and Europa League. We’re delighted to be offering our customers a wide range of incredible Ultra HD content with the convenience of a single bill.”


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