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BBC web services go down

The BBC's online services have suffered a major outage, just weeks before the BBC confines its youth service to an online-only service.

Internet users lost access to the BBC's online services earlier this morning, leaving viewers without access to the iPlayer and other popular webpages.

The BBC confirmed a 'technical issue' that it was working hard on resolving. By late morning, some pages began to reappear, although users continued to report frequent "Error 500" messages. A reason for the outage has not been provided, although there's a lot of unfounded speculation circulating the web.

It's the first major fault for the BBC website since July 2014, when the iPlayer went down.

Update: In the meantime, BBC News has confirmed that the problem was due to a massive attack, whereby the BBC websites were swamped with more traffic than it could handle. Who was behind the attack has not been disclosed. Earlier this month, British universities suffered a similar attack.


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