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BBC continues to improve DAB coverage

The BBC has announced where it has boosted or introduced DAB coverage of its national digital radio stations since October, as its roll-out of national DAB heads towards the end.

Coinciding with recent local DAB changes in Sussex and Plymouth, the BBC has brought new transmitters into service in these areas, so that listeners have better reception of national DAB as well as local DAB stations. There's also improved reception around The Wash and new coverage on the island of Guernsey.

Once this roll-out is complete, BBC aims to cover 97% of the population with its national stations, including BBC Radio 6 Music, Asian Network, 1Xtra and BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra at the end of the DAB roll-out. The roll-out had originally been due to finish this month, but a few new sites are still due to be switched on. Local stations form part of a separate roll-out, in conjunction with commercial radio broadcasters, with different coverage commitments, although both the BBC and national commercial multiplex operator Digital One have been launching some sites in tandem with local DAB expansion.

New transmitter sites Oct-Dec 2015 (Effective Radiated Power in brackets):

Little Prestwood Farm (1.2kW)
Improving reception in Crawley, Sussex.

Les Touillets (475W)
Introduces coverage in Guernsey

Boston Wyberton (300W)
Improving coverage in Boston, Lincs and surrounding areas

Dorking (200W)
Improving coverage in Dorking, parts of Mickleham and Leatherhead

Haslemere (630W)
Improving coverage in Haslemere and Liphook

Torpoint (600W)*
Improving coverage of Plymouth, Saltash and Rame Peninsula

Lickey Hills (1kW)
Improving coverage for 270,000 homes in north Worcestershire and SW Birmingham

Ogmore Vale (600W)
New coverage for 4,000 homes in Ogmore Vale, Nant-y-Moel and Lewistown

Skipton (1.6kW)
New coverage for 15,000 homes in Skipton, Barnoldswick and surrounding areas

Chesham (100W)
Improved coverage for 3,000 homes in Chesham

Heacham Bottom Farm (600W)
Improving coverage in Heacham, West Norfolk and surrounding areas

Source: BBC
*also referred to as "Poron" in official documentation for the co-sited local DAB multiplex.


  1. Further transmitter sites that have gone live in December, announced since the publication of this article:
    Kingswear: bringing coverage to Dartmouth and surrounding areas
    Leek: improving coverage in Leek and the Staffordshire Moorlands
    St Erth Canons Town: improving coverage in St Erth and Hayle, Cornwall
    Winchcombe: bringing new coverage to Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
    Tenby: improving coverage in Tenby and surrounding areas of Pembrokeshire


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