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TalkTalk to reduce international channel offering on YouView

TalkTalk is removing some of its international channels from its YouView-based TV service next week.

Sales of several TV channel 'boosts' were suspended in October ahead of the move. TalkTalk will from Monday 30th November 2015 no longer offer a selection of African, Arabic, Brazilian, JSTV (Japanese) and kykNET (South African) channels.

JSTV and kykNET are available via alternative means to affected customers, with both services available as subscription services on channels 246 and 247. The services are available to all viewers with compatible connected Freeview HD, Freeview Play or YouView devices. Interested viewers should follow the on-screen prompts for subscription information.

African, Arabic and Brazilian channels on TalkTalk YouView included Metro TV, Aflam 1/2 and Globo, for which there are no replacements. The Arabic package included Al Jazeera Arabic, which is available free-to-air across 70% of the UK on Freeview channel 134.

Asian channels are unaffected.

Explaining the move, TalkTalk said: "We update our Boosts range from time to time to focus on providing viewers with the most popular channels."

The once growing number of international channels on TalkTalk's YouView service helped YouView break through its allocated range of channel numbers within the last year. As a result, YouView was given a 300 channel number range: 300-599 by terrestrial platform manager Digital UK. Channels 1-299 and 600-799 are part of the Freeview terrestrial TV service.


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