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Spike told off for broadcasting adult themed material to 4,000 kids

Channel 5's newest television channel Spike has been given a reprimand from Ofcom after it showed a programme featuring adult themes in the afternoon.

A Christmas special of the factual show Cops was shown on Sunday 12th July at 4:30pm, featuring prostitution and rape. Channel 5 admitted that the show had attracted an "unexpected" child audience of 4,000 or 16% of all viewers on the channel at the time, according to official viewing figures.

Ofcom found Spike in breach of broadcasting rule 1.3, which aims to protect children by appropriate scheduling of material that is unsuitable for them.

Channel 5 now accepts that there might be a child audience for the channel, especially at the weekends, and has advised Ofcom it won't broadcast the episode in question at weekends during the daytime.

Ofcom has said that free-to-view channels should expect child audiences during the daytime, especially at weekends and should schedule content accordingly.


  1. How do they know that 4000 children were watching?

  2. BARB audience figures supplied to C5 and Ofcom.


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