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Simplestream joins Facebook Video Publishing Partner programme

Simplestream announces today that they have joined Facebook’s Video Publishing Partner programme, giving broadcasters and media owners the ability to effortlessly publish any of their video content across Facebook.

The company, perhaps best known for their TVPlayer service, have developed their proprietary Media Manager solution to allow their customer portfolio such as Scripps, Turner Broadcasting, Discovery, At The Races, Racing UK and QVC to push live, edit in real time and syndicate their videos natively on Facebook and other third party websites. Simplestream’s live editor software now enables its client base to easily deploy their video content to Facebook.

The ability to syndicate video as quickly as possible has become an important tool for broadcasters and media owners to communicate and market to their target audience to raise social awareness, generate content engagement and revenue. Recent research from analyst TDG reports that more than half (55%) of adult social network users chat with their friends about TV shows at least a couple of times per year, while 35% do so monthly, and 19% do so daily.

Dan Finch, Commercial Director commented,
“Simplestream are proud to join Facebook’s Video Publishing Partner program, which recognises our ability to help broadcasters and other media owners to publish to the biggest social media platform in the world. Our live editor is optimised for sport, news and any “event” programming and is a natural evolution for our Media Manager that is currently the home to over 500,000 of our customer videos. Our Facebook integration simplifies the process of broadcast video to web and social media with minimal delay for our customer base as part of a unified workflow.”

Facebook has a community of nearly 1.5 billion people, and shared earlier in the year that the platform was receiving about four billion video views a day. Additionally, the company previously announced that more than 50% of people on Facebook in the UK watch at least one video every day on the platform.


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