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New ITV Hub launching 24th November

ITV's new catch-up and on-demand player, ITV Hub, is to go live next week. Originally announced in September, the new service will replace the ITV Player.

Ahead of the official launch, promotional videos for the ITV Hub from Eye Creative have appeared on YouTube giving viewers a taste of what's to come from the 24th November, when the service will go live.

ITV Hub will provide live and on-demand programmes from all of ITV's free-to-view television channels.

The current ITV Player service has been criticised by some users in the past for being clunky. ITV's new online service follows hot on the heels of Channel 4's new on-demand service, All4, which replaced 4oD earlier this year.

ITV Hub on iPad:


  1. Oh for goodness sake, what is the point changing the name? It's just a new ITV Player. 4OD vs. All4 is the same nonsense. At least the BBC leave the name alone, because iPlayer has such a huge brand awareness they'd be mad to change it.

  2. The name-sake's this should've have launched on PS4 and Xbox One but instead it will launch on the Amazon Fire TV and available on iPad, iPod, and mobile phone app. So i'm stuck with the STV Player on the Xbox 360 for now for most of my programmes, as ITV2 wont repeat the new X Factor instead i'd had to watch the on-screen graphic version at the very end during the credits on STV Player same with episodes of Corrie and other stuff.

  3. What ever it's called I hope it's in HD!


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