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Freeview Channel Updates: November/December 2015

Stay up-to-date with what's coming, going or changing on Freeview, the UK's free-to-air terrestrial TV service.

This section will be updated with the latest updates, usually added within 24 hours.
  • Any updates highlighted in yellow are for viewers with Freeview HD/YouView devices only.
  • The data in brackets, e.g. (ArqB/COM6) refers to the multiplex or 'group of channels' that the service belongs to. For more information about multiplexes, please click here
  • "Streamed channel" refers to services that are broadcast to compatible connected Freeview devices over the internet.

15th December 2015:
1 addition

  • Channel 201 - NEW 365Travel (COM4/SDN) Text-based service

10th December 2015:
4 changes, 2 additions

  • Channel 67 - NEW CBS Reality+1 (COM7)  
  • Channel 70 - Horror (moved from COM6/ArqB to COM4/SDN)
  • Channel 74 - CBS Drama (moved from COM4/SDN to COM6/ArqB)
  • Channel 100 - NEW Freeview Information (PSB2/D3&4
  • Channel 790 - CBS Drama Retune slate (COM4/SDN) Will appear on channel 64 prior to retuning.
  • Channel 792 - Horror Retune slate (COM6/ArqB) Will appear on channel 70 prior to retuning.

1st December 2015:
1 change
  • Channel 57 - VIVA (COM7) broadcasting full-time

30th November 2015:
1 change

  • Channel 77 - Rishtey Europe (COM7) off air, no reason given

25th November 2015:
4 removals (see in conjunction with 17th November)
  • Channel 201 - Holidays TV (SDN) - now completely removed.
  • Channel 202 - Rabbit (SDN) - now completely removed.
  • Channel 203 - Gay Rabbit (SDN) - now completely removed.
  • Channel 204 - 121 Dating (SDN) - now completely removed.

19th November 2015:
1 addition

  • Channel 255- Box Nation (SDN/COM4) NEW Streamed/IP channel

17th November 2015:
4 changes
  • Channel 201 - Holidays TV (SDN): Service closed
  • Channel 202 - Rabbit (SDN): Service closed
  • Channel 203 - Gay Rabbit (SDN): Service closed
  • Channel 204 - 121 Dating (SDN): Service closed

9th November 2015:
1 change/addition
  • Channel 50 - Movies4Men+1 (G_MAN) has switched to a slot on COM7, which means the timeshift channel can now be received outside of Manchester on Freeview HD compatible devices, in all areas where other COM7 services such as BBC Four HD and Motors TV (71) are available. (The main version of the channel is unaffected.) 

5th November 2015:
1 addition (streamed channel)

29th October 2015:
1 removal:
  • Channel 793 - Community (ArqA/COM5) redirection slate removed

26th October 2015:
1 addition, 1 change
  • Channel 72 - ITVBe+1 (SDN/COM4). Moved to channel 58
  • Channel 82 - NEW True Christmas (Local). Local TV coverage areas only.

Older changes....

Dates may be provisional and subject to change.
  • End January 2016: BBC Three and BBC Three HD to be replaced by promotional service, by start of March 2016, services to be removed from Freeview.
  • 2016: CBBC to be extended by 2 hours a night, to broadcast until 9pm.
  • 2017-2019: roll-out of BBC One English regions and BBC Two Nations in HD.
  • 2018-2022: 700MHz clearance / switch to DVB-T2. Major changes to the Freeview service expected.

Other updates:
  • Synapse 2 and 3 (channels 250 and 251) are placeholders for forthcoming new streamed channel services. 

The following channels have recently obtained Ofcom licences allowing them to broadcast on Freeview, but further information is currently not available:
Receipt of an Ofcom licence is no guarantee that a station will launch.
  • Property TV (internet streamed channel).
  • RT HD
  • Tiny POP+1
  • True Entertainment + 1 

You can check which Freeview channels should be available in your area on the official Digital UK postcode checker. The channels that you will be able to receive is also dependent on the state of your aerial, cabling and the type of receiver you use. 

  • Local TV services for Aberdeen, Ayr, Basingstoke, Carlisle, Dundee, Guildford, Maidstone, Mold (NE Wales), Reading, Salisbury, Scarborough, Swansea are licensed by Ofcom and due to launch within the next two years.
  • Hello York is due to launch next summer, after Ofcom approved changes to the transmitter site from where local TV will be broadcast to the York area. Hello York will now broadcast from a site south-west of the city. More details...
  • That's Berkshire (Reading) and That's Hampshire (Basingstoke) are also due to launch next summer, following Ofcom approval of technical changes affecting their transmitter site.

Scheduled transmitter maintenance....
What's free on BT Sport Showcase?...

    It's ten years since Sky replaced Sky Travel with Sky3, the channel that later became Pick TV (and then just "Pick"). It marked a major change in strategy for Sky, who used the channel as a way of offering Freeview viewers samples of its entertainment programming. At the time, Freeview's popularity was soaring, and commercial operates were willing to pay over £10 million a year to secure a broadcast slot on the platform.

    ITV4 also launched ten years ago, originally broadcasting from 6pm. The ITV News Channel paid the price for this new channel: the news channel was pulled at 5:59pm every night to allow ITV4 to start. In December 2005, the News Channel was finally closed down.

    On the 1st December 2012, S4C closed its HD channel Clirlun. S4C hopes to restore an HD service in the near future.

    Freeview has joined the connected TV revolution with a service that combines regular Freeview and Freeview HD with catch-up and on-demand services, and a backwards scrolling EPG like YouView or Freesat Freetime. Future-proof your Freeview with Humax's new Freeview recorder with Freeview Play for £199 on Amazon.

    October 2015:
    YourTV launches

    September 2015
    CBS Drama joins Freeview; Arise News is dropped

    August 2015
    ITV4 frequency change; Rishtey launches on Freeview

    July 2015
    VIVA moves to COM7, Jewellery Maker returns

    June 2015
    BBC launches extra Red Button streams for Glastonbury and Wimbledon, Travel Channel goes 24/7

    May 2015
    Multiplex COM8 rolls out to more areas; That's Manchester launches 

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