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EBU Radio Head to address changing audience expectations

Changes to radio audience expectations as they make use of digital / online services will be a theme at the WorldDAB General Assembly on Tuesday, with the European Broadcasting Union’s Head of Radio, Graham Dixon, set to deliver a keynote speech on the subject.

The event, being held in London, brings together experts and stakeholders from the international digital radio broadcasting industry.

In the speech Graham Dixon (pictured) will tell delegates that:
“Audiences are more demanding, encouraged by online usage and provision. To meet this need, and others we have not yet considered, the future is digital.”

In his speech, he is expected to say that the challenge for the radio industry is how to maintain listener loyalty during the transition to a digital environment, with all the increase in alternative media temptations and limited personal time.

The EBU’s Head of Radio will also discuss the move to more personalisation in radio.
“Inevitably, audiences have been trained by their internet experience to challenge us with new demands, new expectations. They want to be served more personally, and they also want to know what they are listening to, rather than waiting until the end.  At the recent EBU New Radio Day in Latvia, we heard about systems being invented for skipping individual pieces, and then even resynchronising with the live channel.  People also, of course, and this is one of the joys of live radio, want surprises – there are very few of those, when you are playing your own favourites.” 

In the UK, a more personalised experience is what the BBC is planning to do during the next Charter period, subject to funding agreements from 2017. Commercial operator Global Radio has meanwhile launched a new service for its Capital Xtra iPhone App, which allows listeners to skip songs they don't like.


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