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Dutch terrestrial TV to switch to DVB-T2

The Netherlands has become the latest country to announce it's making a move to the DVB-T2 standard for its terrestrial television service.

The move will enable Dutch broadcasters to distribute HD channels via the terrestrial network and will make up for the loss of some frequencies to be used for mobile networks from the end of the decade.

A transitional period is planned from 2017, when current broadcasts using DVB-T will be phased out and when existing terrestrial TV licences run out. The Dutch government intends to issue new licences for DVB-T2 broadcasts from 2017.

Currently Dutch terrestrial television consists of the main public service channels broadcast free-to-air, plus a range of pay TV channels as part of KPN's Digitenne service. KPN has said it intends to continue operating Digitenne

Between 2017 and 2019, co-ordinated frequency changes with neighbouring countries are planned, as terrestrial networks across Europe, including the UK, make adjustments to free up the 700MHz TV frequency band for mobile networks. Viewers will be required to get DVB-T2 compatible receivers in order to continue receiving TV services via an aerial.

UK terrestrial services are still planning a complete switch to DVB-T2 around the end of the decade - currently only Freeview HD multiplexes use this broadcast standard, while Germany has already made preparations to start introducing DVB-T2 from next year.


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