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CNBC retreats from daytime European business programmes after 20 years

Business channel CNBC is to cut back on European broadcast hours, with its satellite and cable channel to show more programmes from the US version of the service.

For the first time in 20 years, CNBC will lose its European daytime programming, with European output restricted to its breakfast show European Squawk Box

The changes announced by CNBC are understood to mean that European programming will now end after breakfast.

The Guardian reports that 15 people will lose their jobs as part of the restructure, which will also see offices in Paris and Tokyo close and the expansion of CNBC's Live Blog to run all day, in a similar vein to the BBC's Business Live service.

CNBC first launched a daily business show for Europe in association with Financial Times TV 20 years ago on the now defunct NBC Super Channel, with Tanya Beckett and Michiel Bicker Caarten hosting the European Money Wheel, a four hour strand with the latest European financial news running until 1pm UK time, followed by a switch to US programming for the US trading day. 

CNBC Europe spun off from what became NBC Europe, starting with extended US market programming until 10pm in 1996 before quickly becoming a completely independent 24 hour channel and taking over rival network EBN (European Business News) in 1997.

Originally free-to-air on analogue satellite, the channel was part of Sky's digital satellite subscription service until January 2010, when it went free-to-air, a month before joining Freesat.


  1. Could we see the end of Fallon on weeknights? I've sent a proposal of changes to them (


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