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BBC Three Trending #Fail ?

Social media is where it's all at for the "reinvented BBC Three Online". But today's announcement was met by a mass of disapproval by users.

At midday, BBC Three tweeted the breaking news, branding the development as "exciting". Within minutes a long flow of comments started to flow. You were hard pushed to find a positive one...

And others were quick to point out that the BBC hasn't yet said what will happen to some of the live events previously shown on BBC Three TV:

Even the BBC Trust got involved on Twitter, trying to pacify outraged viewers, including this Twitter conversation, that @a516digital was copied into at one point, relating to the condition that the Trust has imposed on BBC Management regarding showing BBC Three Online shows on BBC One and BBC Two:

The SaveBBC3 campaign meanwhile went into cynical territory:

And BBC Three logged back onto Twitter to say they were "going online", not being axed, users where quick to see through the blurb, pointing out that as BBC Three is already online, the removal of the TV channel is effectively an axing:

And others have questioned how the removal of the TV service will actually save money. Here's an example of a comment directed at Damian Kavanagh, the main in charge of the channel:
Admittedly, it was talk of multiplexes and transponders that sealed its inclusion on this page. That's something a516digital talks a lot about. You can find out what the BBC Trust has said about the vacated BBC Three bandwidth here.


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