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BBC announces start of Wales broadcast centre construction

The BBC has confirmed that construction of a new broadcast centre for BBC Cymru Wales in the heart of Cardiff will start on 7 December.

The development, at Cardiff's Central Square, will see almost 1,200 staff working at the current site in Llandaff relocate to the new centre in 2019. The announcement follows final approval of the project by the BBC and the signing of an agreement to lease with Rightacres, the company developing the new building and the wider Central Square area.

The new BBC building will be half the size of the existing facilities in Llandaff and new technology will make it cheaper to run the broadcasters’ television, radio and online services, including Radio Cymru and Radio Wales. Welsh broadcaster S4C also intends to be a part of the new broadcast centre and plans to move its transmission base there, reducing the broadcast costs of both organisations.

Aging facilites at the BBC's current home at Llandaff prompted a feasibility study looking at a number of options for the broadcaster. It concluded that relocation to a new purpose-built building would be cheaper than refurbishing Llandaff and pose less risk of disruption to broadcast services.

The development at Central Square is part of the BBC’s overall strategy to modernise its property estate across the UK – and reduce its operating costs. The broadcaster claims that "significant savings are being achieved, cutting overall property operating costs by £67m a year by 2017. The overall cost of running the BBC’s properties is now 4 per cent less in real terms than in 2001/02."

Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director of BBC Wales said:
“This new broadcast centre will place BBC Wales at the beating heart of our capital – closer to our audiences and many of our partners. It will also trigger a much wider regeneration that will help change the face of Cardiff.


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