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YourTV launches on Freeview, YouView, Sky and Freesat

YourTV is a new free-to-air channel from Fox, broadcasting on terrestrial and satellite services to the UK, and via satellite to Ireland.

Programme highlights include Don’t Tell The Bride, explosive true-life crime series Snapped: Killer Couples, and hit international legal drama, Shark. Baking fans may like Baking Good, Baking Bad.

Here's a quick guide to the new channel, which launched at 1pm on 1st October 2015:

 What's YourTV all about?
It's a new "female-skewed" lifestyle and reality channel, aimed at more mature audiences. YourTV is the first ever free-to-air channel from Fox to be broadcast in the UK and Ireland.

(And not to be confused with the local TV service for Manchester that was originally going to launch what that name.)

YourTV's launch schedule includes a helping of BBC Three's Don't Tell The Bride at 6pm, US factual reality show Killer Couples follows at 7pm, Corrupt Crimes is at 8pm and legal drama Shark takes the 9pm slot.

Daytime programmes include Cruise Ship Diaries at 9am and Baking Good, Baking Bad at midday.

 Where can I find YourTV?

  • Freeview and YouView channel 73  Since this article was published, the channel has moved to channel 72, with the +1 at 73 (restricted hours)
  • Sky channel 199 (from 1st April 2016)
  • Freesat channel 161
  • Virgin Media: not available

 Is there a +1 service?

Technically yes, but not of any use to anyone.
On Freeview and YouView, YourTV+1 is available on channel 78, but it's only on air from 3am to 4am and the likely purpose of such a service is for Fox to secure a channel number on Freeview for any future expansion.

There's no +1 on satellite.

 Is the channel available in HD?
The channel is currently broadcast in standard definition only

 What if I can't find the channel on Freeview?
You may need to retune to receive YourTV on Freeview. (If you've retuned recently, it may be on channel 78, where a placeholder for YourTV first appeared on the 10th September.)

YourTV is broadcast on the same frequency as Sky News (channel 132), so if you can get Sky News, you should be able to watch YourTV.

 I have a free-to-air satellite receiver. Where do I find YourTV?
(e.g. viewers in Ireland with a Saorview/satellite combo receiver or viewers with a generic free-to-air satellite receiver)

Providing you have a satellite dish pointing at 28.2 degrees East and receive the other main UK channels, you can find YourTV using the following parameters:

Frequency: 11426
Polarisation: V
Symbol Rate: 27500 (27.5 Mbaud)
FEC: 2/3


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