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Weak TV signals likely due to transmitter work this week

Engineering work at numerous transmitter sites may result in a weak Freeview signal for some viewers this week.

A weak signal may result in occasional or complete picture break-up on some or all Freeview channels. This will also affect Freeview channels on YouView boxes.

Areas most likely to be affected this week include:
  • Beacon Hill (SE Devon/Torquay)
  • Black Hill (central Scotland)
  • Blaenplwyf (mid Wales, Aberystwyth)
  • Carmel (SW Wales)
  • Chatton (Northumberland)
  • Chesterfield (parts of NE Derbyshire)
  • Durris (Aberdeen and surrounding area)
  • Emley Moor (S and W Yorkshire, parts of N Derbyshire)
  • Fenham (Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • Nottingham (parts of Nottingham)
  • Pontop Pike (Tyne and Wear, southern Northumberland, County Durham)

In addition, some transmitters may experience brief interruptions in service this week.

Viewers who experience reception problems can visit the Radio and TV Investigation Service (RTIS) website to check to see if their problems are due to transmitter work or not. The postcode checker on the site will show outage times, where available. Not all reception problems are due to transmitter issues, and may be down to aerial and cabling wear and tear or local sources of interference.

If a reception problem has been caused by transmitter work, it is not advisable to retune Freeview, as receivers may lose Freeview channels or try to store weaker signals from more distant transmitters, which would result in having to do another retune once the local transmitter is up and running again.


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