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Vice plans to launch UK free-to-air channel

Online giant Vice is preparing to launch a free-to-air TV channel aimed at young audiences in the UK within the next 18 months.

The channel is one of a number of services the company wants to launch around Europe using traditional broadcasting platforms. In total, it intends to launch 12 versions of its channels in different countries across the continent.

The move is in stark contrast to the BBC, which is currently in the process of migrating its youth-skewing channel online. The BBC has cited Vice Media as a model it is trying to emulate for its youth brand.

Vice's new channel will include hard-hitting documentaries and features covering subject matters under-served by other broadcasters, according to its plans released on Friday.

Trade magazine Broadcast reports that Vice is to strike a local partnership to aid the channel launch and has been hearing pitches from broadcasters and channel operators this week, with a decision set to be made in the next few days. Vice says its been talking to everyone - from pan-European broadcasters to smaller operators in individual countries.


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