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The Great Merseyside Radio Swap approved by Ofcom

Ofcom has approved a proposal which will see Merseyside's Radio City 2 and City Talk switching frequencies.

Sound of Merseyside, which holds the commercial radio licences for Radio City 2 and City Talk, and part of Bauer Media, requested to make changes to its ‘Character of Service’ and other parts of its Format.

Following a consultation in July, Ofcom has decided to approve the changes requested which taken together, satisfy at least one of five specific criteria set out in the Broadcasting Act 1990.

The AM service, currently Radio City 2 will now be allowed broadcast ‘rock hits with news, local sport and information programming’, and can be renamed Radio City Talk.

The FM service, currently City Talk will now broadcast ‘classic soft pop music’, and be renamed Radio City 2.

While the positions on the dial will be changing for analogue radio listeners, DAB listeners should still be able to tune in to the stations in their usual position on DAB digital radio - both stations are carried on the Liverpool DAB multiplex.

  • Update 16/11/2015: Bauer Media has confirmed the changes will happen on Monday 7th December.


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