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Picture quality upgrade for the iPlayer?

Viewers have spotted seeing higher quality live streams on the iPlayer, with HD quality versions of BBC Three, Four and the News Channel appearing on some connected TV platforms.

Officially, only BBC One and BBC Two are available as HD live streams on the BBC iPlayer, but now HD quality streams of the other BBC channels have been spotted on connected TV and the web, which, for example, will be useful to viewers who can't receive services such as BBC Four HD in their location on Freeview or YouView. Impending improvements to iPlayer video streams were first announced in the Summer,

While the BBC hasn't said anything about the availability of more HD live streams, it has recently confirmed that it's testing the odd piece of UHD content on the iPlayer, but support is limited and relies on users having broadband speeds of over 20Mbps.

Generally, thanks to adaptive technology, iPlayer streams now adapt to the speed of a user's broadband connection, and can fluctuate accordingly. The minimum standard for HD is 720p.


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